Laboratory Based Drug Testing

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Matrix ESS provides client companies a cost effective solution for the management and administration of Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs in compliance with all state and federal statutes.  Since 1993, Matrix has functioned as a Third Party Administrator of Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs for a wide range of companies throughout the United States. We are committed to providing employers with drug testing options which help keep drugs out of the workplace and ultimately improve their bottom line.

In alliance with 
Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp, Matrix ESS provides turnkey administration of Substance Abuse Testing Programs. Our services include identification of specimen collection sites, laboratory testing, Medical Review of results and timely results reporting directly to our client contact. Matrix ESS capabilities include:
  • Comprehensive Testing Programs
  • FLHRS, SAP 5/10 Panel and NIDA (DOT) 6 Panel Screens
  • Urinalysis, Hair, Saliva Testing, Nicotine, Alcohol Screens
  • Laboratory Testing With Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp
  • Lab Owned PSC Collection Sites and Collection Site Matching
  • Board Certified Medical Review Officers (MRO)
  • Results Reported Online Directly to Our Client Companies
  • Drugfree Workplace Program Management

Matrix ESS works with an extensive collection site network of over 8,000 certified collection facilities throughout the U.S. and both Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp are DHHS approved and dual-certified, SAMHSA and CAP.  Matrix ESS also offers alternative drug screening methods including saliva and hair.

The Testing Process

Over 75% of drug testing performed in the United States is lab-based urinalysis testing. The test process begins when a donor gives a urine sample at a laboratory owned or approved collection site. The collector sends the sample overnight to the laboratory to undergo an emit screen (immunoassay analysis) or enzyme immunoassay (EIA). If the initial test is non-negative, the samples goes for further testing by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) to confirm the result.

Once a test result is determined by the lab, it is sent electronically to a Medical Review Officer (MRO) where it is reviewed for accuracy and completeness.  Matrix ESS works with National Medical Review Corporation, Dr. John Eustace, MD to provide MRO services.  Dr. Eustace is a licensed physician with expert knowledge of substance abuse and is certified by the American Association of Medical Review Officers (AAMRO).  Once the results are reviewed by the MRO, they are reported directly to our client company via e-mail, secure web access or fax.

Matrix ESS provides all types of lab-based drug testing for the workplace including but not limited to:

SAP / FLHRS 5 panel screen: Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates, PCP and Amphetamines
SAP / FLHRS 10 panel screen: includes 5 panel and adds Methaqualone, Propoxyphene, Methadone, Benzodiazepines and Barbiturates
NIDA 6 panel screen: Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates, PCP, Amphetamines and MDMA
Nicotine, or its primary metabolite cotinine, tested to evaluate tobacco use
Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT): Breath analytical instruments have evolved into low cost, highly accurate, rapid analytical systems that simply and painlessly collect a breath sample and calculate a result
Additional drug panels are available including Expanded Opiates, Ecstasy and Oxycontin and more