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Matrix HRS provides professional Mystery Shopping, Mystery Dining and Bar Spotting services to hospitality and retail clients throughout our South Florida marketplace. Our job is quite simply to get answers to the questions that keep bar owners, restaurateurs and retailers up at night and to find out, from a customer perspective, what's going on in their place of business.

Statistics show that for every complaint received by a bar or restaurant, there are another ten dissatisfied customers who simply complain to friends and use a rival establishment the next time. Matrix HRS gives you the opportunity to correct problems and overall guest service mistakes in the integrity of your bar, restaurant or retail establishment before word of mouth negatively impacts your business.

Custom Solutions to Hospitality Issues
We work with you to design a customized set of expectations and parameters based on information you want to know including but not limited to cash and inventory procedures, tips, receipts, safety, age checks, food service and quality, merchandising and guest interaction. It denotes which procedures are mandatory every time an employee makes a sale, handles cash, pours a drink or engages with a guest. Our investigators then visit your establishment(s) and report their findings in a timely, detailed and insightful manner with 100% guaranteed complete confidentiality in all reports.

Matrix HRS Services Include

Outstanding guest service, hospitality and bartender integrity are keys to success in any bar. BarChek™ is the unique way to measure the guest experience, drink pouring, cash handling, suggestive selling and of course, ringing of all drinks and bartender ethics; plus the environment.  We use experienced spotters and shoppers to monitor and scrutinize bar activities – everything from rings and pours to guest relations and upselling – in order to maximize profits for owners and operators.

StoreChek™ provides effective marketing feedback by reporting your company’s customer service effectiveness, merchandising, product line, and customer satisfaction. through mystery shopping and customer research. Our mystery shopping professionals will evaluate your store’s employees in everyday customer service and satisfaction situations to provide you with accurate and unbiased feedback of customer service and satisfaction.

measures QSC; quality, service and cleanliness to provide restaurant owners the necessary information to make improvements in the restaurant’s outside appearance, inside appearance, food quality, and to check the attitude and operations of its employees. Using experienced 'Mystery Diners', DineCheck™ evaluates restaurant environment, servers and personnel, food quality and the overall restaurant experience.

Implementing a Mystery Shopper or Bar Spotter program is a proven, highly effective way to ensure you find out what's really going on in your business and get the information to achieve your business objectives. These programs also hold your people accountable for their performance, resulting in a customer experience that meets or exceeds expectations.

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