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Matrix ESS in association with XPEDITE provides confidential verification of Criminal Background information for client company applicants and employees. Our internet based system facilitates quick, easy searches and accurate, timely reporting of results. Our smart, comprehensive research techniques produce thorough, accurate criminal  background checks and screening reports that meet the unique needs of our clients and the standards of federal and international employment background check guidelines. The company you choose makes all the difference when you're doing criminal research. Our clients choose to work with us because of our quality, price and speed. They benefit from our state-of-the-art technology which allows them to submit and retrieve information 24 hours a day. Most of our researchers are online as well, which results in even faster turn around.

Search Options Include:

Social Security Number Trace/Verification
The Trace identifies residential movement, other names used, and prior employment as well as State and Year of issuance. This database will also indicate the use of a retired, faulty, or un-issued social security number.

Nationwide Criminal Database & Sex Offender Registry
This database comprises almost 300 million records, from states and counties that provide statewide criminal information for Felony and Misdemeanor conviction records. The FCRA requires that each hit must be verified through the court of record, to determine that the person being checked is actually the person who was convicted. In addition, it includes the 50-State Sex Offender Registries (with photographs) and Department of Corrections.

Criminal History Records (County & Statewide Felony/Misdemeanor)

Provides criminal research in every state and county throughout the United States. Statewide records are available in some states. All reports are in adherence with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Law Enforcement Agencies (i.e. police, FBI, CIA, State Trooper, etc.) are the ONLY agencies able to conduct nationwide criminal searches.

Whether your company requires a single background check or processes larger volumes each month, Matrix ESS provides accurate search results on a timely basis.

For Information and Pricing, Contact Matrix ESS @ 1-800-446-3656